About Me | Behind the Lens

Hi there! I'm Victoria, but most people call me Tori for short. I've lived in Fredericksburg, VA my entire life. I photograph weddings, portraits,  kids, and editorial photography. While many photographers stick to only one or two genres, I find it nearly impossible to limit myself to those boxes. I simply enjoy too many different types of people and art. People have pointed out to me that I always smile when I'm shooting. It makes sense because nothing makes me happier than watching art come to life right before my very eyes. I live and breathe for those beautiful moments and memories that will never be forgotten because of my photographs. 
I've been taking pictures for seven years, ever since I got my first tiny point and shoot camera as a birthday present. I would use the "macro" setting and take close-ups of anything and everything. After showing a consistent interest in photography, I was given my first DSLR the following year, the Nikon D3000, which I still use six years later. I booked my first wedding in 2010, and over the past five years, I've been building a substantial portfolio and honing my skills. Now, in 2015, I'm open for full time business!
Outside of photography, I enjoy binge watching TV shows. Supernatural, Outlander, and Game of Thrones are just a few of my favorites! I also read, and will probably never get through the ridiculous amount of books I've downloaded on my Kindle. Pinterest is a godsend, but it also takes up WAY too much of my free time. I'm constantly scrolling through recipes and DIY projects. I love baking and cooking, but mostly baking (I have a huge sweet tooth). It seems like every time I try to do anything DIY, I fail miserably, but hey, at least I tried to be productive. My life otherwise revolves around my cat, Freddie (who I shamelessly named after Freddie Mercury), and my poodle, Sophie.
Note: I don't actually shoot Canon. This was the time I traded cameras for a day.